Mr. Cost

Nicholas Cost

Math and Science Teacher

[email protected]
By phone or text at 248.429.9645

B.A. in European History
University of Michigan

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Lawrence Tech University

M.A. in Teaching 
Oakland University

September 2014

Mr. Cost brings previous experience from 17 years of engineering service to over 800 Detroit area Businesses in the HVAC field.  2020-2021 is his eleventh year of teaching and seventh year at Bridges High School in Oxford, having previously taught in Oak Park and East Detroit Public Schools.  As a former Coach (sailing), and father of triplets, Mr. Cost has many years of experience working with, guiding, and instructing young people.  Currently Mr. Cost is engaged in the Bridges Teamwork and Cultures of Thinking initiatives as well as the full time job of developing five different classes (virtual alternative to the five seated classes due to COVID) in an alternative school setting.  Mr. Cost is passionate in his desire to understand different methods of teaching and learning, and engages in professional development regularly to develop useful strategies for the classroom.