Principal, Aletha Vanloozen

Aletha VanLoozen

Principal/ Social Worker


[email protected]
248.969.1817 Fax
Britney Soutar, Administrative Assistant

B.S. in Psychology
Michigan State University

M.A. in Social Work
Eastern Michigan University

Education Certification
University of Michigan

M.A. in Educational Leadership
Oakland University

August 1999

Welcome to Oxford Bridges High School! 

My name is Aletha VanLoozen, I have the honor of being the Principal of this wonderful school since 2013. Our goal is to provide students with an environment that is safe, structured, and committed to student success. We want students to achieve not only in their school environment, but within the community and in their future endeavors. Our focus is for students to learn essential life skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, resilience and understanding the perspective of others. Our hopes are for students to leave here with a love of learning, the ability to communicate and an understanding of where they fit within the larger context of society. 

I have worked with at risk youth for my entire professional career (which is a really long time). I have worked in many settings over the years, which has given me a vast array of experiences when working with youth and their families. I always strive for an environment that is firm, yet flexible and fair. All students need to have support, guidance and feel confident that there are adults who care about them, support them and assist them when needed. 

Our goal is for Bridges to be an exemplary alternative learning environment to the traditional high school setting.  A setting in which all students can have an opportunity for acceptance, support and educational success. Please feel free to contact any one of us if you have questions or concerns.